Greener Practice Information

Greener Practice Information

Green Impact is an environmental accreditation scheme that encourages pro-environmental behaviours amongst staff. It empowers sustainability champions within their workplace, helping them gain recognition for their environmental efforts, whilst playing on the competitive spirit of staff working in teams. It provides people and their departments with a tangible framework for improving their environmental performance, breaking down complex environmental issues into more manageable bite-sized chunks.

Green Impact provides a mechanism for finding, engaging and empowering environmental champions bottom-up, adding value to existing champion schemes;

  • It enables champions to take targeted practical action through the framework, in so doing tackling common bad practices;
  • It is a tried and tested way of getting staff to buy into to top-down environmental targets and policies;
  • It gives champions a bespoke function and role. This helps create a champion identity;
  • It creates a collective momentum of positive action amongst staff that can be selfperpetuating;
  • Through the annual cycle of the programme, and the function of adding criteria, it allows momentum to be gained and sustained, meaning long term engagement;
  • It helps with team building and creating a positive ethos on the workplace;
  • It helps build a better working relationship between the institution and students’ union.

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